raig Forster is a UK based director of photography with over 16 years experience in the television industry. Craig spent his early career working in post production, quickly moving from the VT room into 3d graphics and animation, producing work for commercials, title sequences, television drama and music videos. After spending many years in darkened rooms, Craig saw the light!, and followed his true passion for television and film production by moving to Lime Pictures (formerly Mersey Television). It was here that he developed his skill as a camera operator, working on such tv drama serials, such as brookside, grange hill and hollyoaks. Craig has been a director of photography now,for many years, working on various projects including hollyoaks, grange hill, living on the edge, three minute wonders, various short films and music promos. He has gained experience shooting on 35, 16, and 8mm film, HD and other video formats. Please view the online showreels, and contact me for availability. Craig is available as an A camera and steadicam operator and also a director of photography, cinematographer or lighting cameraman. Although based in Liverpool UK craig is available to work anywhere in the uk and overseas